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The Nightgarden

The Nightgarden

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A wise children’s book about love and longing. (Bokvrimmel bookblog)

Almost without Julius having noticed, his grandfather had come into the pavilion as well.

“I thought I should light the fire for you. It’s starting to get cold outside.” Grandfather shivered and tapped his nose lightly with his finger. “It smells like snow. It will be here soon, winter. It’s surprisingly early. But I know its smell.”

“I’m telling Julius stories about Valentina and the night garden,” said Grandmother, and Grandfather nodded.

“It’s an exciting story, I won’t disturb you then,” he said and walked on toward the pavilion’s small fireplace.

Julius saw how Grandfather quickly piled up wood and bits of paper and set a match to them. Soon, the fire was sparking and crackling.


From review:
Despite the adventurous and exciting stories, these children’s books exude a wise and thoughtful calm. Reading them is a delight. This is a beautiful book, with great depth and wisdom. And it has as much to offer to adults as it does to children. - Bokvrimmel bookblog

Magical! They have outdone themselves with The Night Garden; author Cathrine and illustrator Petter. When I read The Night Garden, it touched me deeply and brought tears to my eyes.
I love this book! It’s incredibly beautiful and has a magical quality to it. - Stjernekast bookblog


Do you know what a night garden is? Julius doesn’t know either. He has lost his voice and is spending his fall break with his grandparents, while his mother is away on a long work trip, almost all the way across the other side of the world.

Grandmother tells Julius stories about her own mother, the Soviet ballerina Valentina, and her magical but difficult life story. Julius has seen pictures of Valentina many times before in his grandparents’ living room but, to be honest, he thinks they’re creepy. He tends to close his eyes and speed past them when he’s in there.

Later that same night, Julius is visited by someone he would rather not meet. He is whirled into yet another exciting adventure, in which he meets both new and old acquaintances. He will again need courage and good friends in order to find the answers he is seeking. But along with his voice, his faithful companions from the Pearl Whisperer have disappeared…

Will he find them again? And what do his great grandmother and the night garden have to do with Julius? What even is the night garden? And how can it help him stop missing his mother when she is away? There are many questions to answer, and Julius feels small and lone.


Theme of the book

"The Nightgarden" is a book that explores the life of a child after their parents' divorce. It deals with themes of loss and love, and provides insights into the emotions that come with living apart from one's parent. This story is not only relevant for children, but also for adults, and encourages dialogue between generations on difficult topics. It emphasizes the importance of empathy and communication in handling life's challenges. The author of "The Night Garden", Cathrine Wilhelmsen, engages readers of all ages with a narrative that encourages understanding and communication. The book is accessible, addressing important themes in a way that is easy to understand. It shows how literature can be a tool for understanding and handling life's challenges. More than just a story, "The Night Garden" is a resource for those looking for ways to deal with changes in life. It reminds us that dialogue and understanding can help overcome challenges, and that books can play a crucial role in this. The book deserves attention for its ability to explore complex emotions and situations in a way that both children and adults can understand. It is a significant contribution to literature for those who wish to explore life's challenges together.

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